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Do you have problems with domestic animals that have gone feral??

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Wild dogs - dingoes, feral domestic dogs and and their mix are found throughout Australia, causing millions of dollars worth of losses to producers in sheep, cattle and goat production yearly as well as being a threat to our safety. 

Are wild dogs rampaging through your property threatening your live stock?

Like these stopped from running rampant through the Hunter Valley on a property West of Mt Sugarloaf?

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Is your garden or crop or pasture being ruined by feral pigs?

Domestic pigs gone feral cause damage to the environmental and agriculture by rooting for food and eating all to the detriment of native plants, animals and destroying crops and pasture. May carry and spread diseases.

Feral cats are domestic cats released on gone into the wild have become feral and do not depend on humans for food or shelter.

As carnivorous hunters they prey mostly on small animals, particularly rabbit but are able to switch to other prey, such as birds and native small mammals, when rabbits are scarce. 

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