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Newcastle and Hunter Animal Control is your service centre for controlling and eradicating pests and vermin

We specialise in

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  • Vermin Control, Trapping & Eradication
  • Vertebrate Pest Animal Control
  • Possum Trapping
  • Pest Spraying

Our control and eradication programs integrate a variety methods:

  • Property Control
  • Animal Welfare
  • Anti-snake Repellent Spray
  • Bird Control
  • Trapping, Shooting, Netting, Baiting
  • Feral pigeon eradication by shooting and baiting
  • Feral animal control - Rabbits, Foxes, Wild Dogs & Pigs

We use

Up-to-date and humane methods for the capture of wild animals under population reduction programs, removal or eradication of feral cats, foxes, wild dogs/dingoes, feral goats, pigs & birds, removal or relocation of native pest animals, deer and escaped animals.

Our animal control services include

Professional shooting and hunting services conducted by specially trained and qualified professional shooters for rabbit population control or eradication programs. Read the testimonials

wild and feral animals